Dress shirts for women by Ella Hopfeldt

Disclaimer: in collaboration with Ella Hopfeldt

A few weeks ago I came across Ella Hopfeldt; a designer brand that makes classic and modern dress shirts for women. Firstly I really like the idea of focusing on making dress shirts for women and women only. There are so many shops for men when it comes to dress shirts and only a few, in comparison, focus on women’s shapes.

We all know how hard it is to find a shirt that fits nicely; around the neck, the shoulders, the chest and waist line. I’ve tried several brands and It’s a real challenge to find a shirt that fits my body. When trying out shirts its either to big around the neck and fits well around the waist or its to big over the waist and fits well over the shoulders.

Disclaimer: The post is in collaboration with Ella Hopfeldt.

At Ella Hopfeldt you can find three different fits in their fitting guide on their website, which is great as we all have  different heights and body shapes.

  • The Italien fit, for average height / taller women with shoulders, bust and hips that are around the same size and with a waistline is somewhat defined,
  • The German fit, also for average height / taller women, but compared to the Italian fit the German fit have more room for shoulders and bust and a well-defined waistline.
  • French fit, for average height and shorter women.

Read more about the fitting guide here.

I’m 1,75 cm tall and my body is what I would call ‘rectangular’ so I chose the Italien fit in size 36 and I must say that I really like the fit and comfort. It is perfect over the shoulders, bust and waist and it is long enough to wear it both tucked in and worn over clothes.

As I’m a sucker for florals at the moment I just had to get one shirt with floral prints and as I don’t have a checked shirt I picked one light blue gingham shirt. The shirts are made of premium fabrics, 100 % cotton and are made of two-ply fabrics, that makes the shirts both both luxurious and durable.

Photo by: Aleksjj

Another thing that I really like is that their shirts can be worn with cufflinks. I think feminine cufflinks are truly adding style to an business outfit and that every corporate women should have at least a pair. I’ve only found a few shops offering double cuffs on women shirts so far and Ella Hopfeldt is one of them.

Photo by: Pontus Jonsen

Lookbooks with more pictures on the dress shirts and information about the looks are coming up in the next coming days. Stay tuned!

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