How to wear a Floral Print Blouse at the office

Floral prints are ultra-feminine and have settled down in our closets for good. Spring is the right season to bring these lovely pieces out from the closet and to add a few new ones. There are endless ways how to enrich your wardrobe with floral print motives and i’ll show you a few, starting out with this one.

For leisure is might be OK to mix and match different patterns (we’ve seen the trends in recent years), but for business keep it simple. You can still look professional wearing floral prints at the office, as long as you combine it with a pair of trousers or a pencil skirt in a solid color. That way, the focus of your outfit will be solely on the top and not everything else and you’ll look both stylish and trendy in a professional manner.

I’m wearing:

Photos by: Martina Hansson. All pictures are taken at Kronovalls Slott.

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