Jogging with the baby stroller

Since last Monday I’ve started jogging with the baby stroller with some other mom’s that are also on maternity leave. It’s much more fun to exercise with other mom’s than by yourself as you can share experiences. Today’s workout took us 1 hour and 15 minutes. What I like about this initiative is that we are not only jogging, but stop several times along the way to do some exercises.

For all of the ‘mom’s to be’ out there who wants to find other mom’s/dad’s to hang out with I recommend to check out the site and look for parents in your area or create a group of your own. This is where I found this group:-)

Nico was sleeping most of the time, but woke up towards the end and was very happy:-)

2 comments on “Jogging with the baby stroller

  1. Vad kul att du tipsat om Rulla vagn och att du hittat mammakompisar att träna med! /Evelina på Rulla vagn

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