The Kronaby watch – Combining SMART functions and design

‘Kronaby – The watch that is both a beautiful accessory, connected to your smartphone and is not sacrificing quality over it. 

When thinking about a SMART watch or a connected watch I think most of us associate it with a plastic piece, which does not go with an elegant and chic outfit. But finally, there is an option for all of you who value design as much as I do.

In January the Swedish, Malmö based, company Anima launched a new connected watch under the brand name Kronaby, which combines ‘swiss quality’ & design with smart functions.

I wear a CARAT watch in gold and except being a beautiful accessory, not sacrificing quality over its smart functions, it helps me find my iphone when I’ve misplaced it, it sends an alarm to my spouse when I walk home by myself at night, it counts the amount of steps I’ve taken in order to reach 10 000 steps a day. When in a meeting my watch vibrates when my family tries to reach me and I can change music on spotify. It has several other features and Anima is continuously developing its functions. Im very curious of the future of this watch:-)


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