Luxurious wireless headphones from Satechi

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It’s was defiantly time for me to get a pair of new headphones. I’ve been using these old “call center” headphones at work that are really ugly. It was my better half Aleksjj who was laughing at me when talking over FaceTime one day.

For me there are at least three things that are really important when it comes to headphones.

First; Sound. If the sound isn’t great there is no point spending money on it.
Second; Design. As I’m a sucker for design and like to match my outfits well, design is an important component.
Third; Function. It should be easy to turn the volume up and down as well as changing songs. In 2017 it’s standard that headphones are wireless, but still important! I wouldn’t get a pair that isn’t wireless. The most enjoying thing is when you get stuck in something because of a wire (that comes to interior design as well, but that’s for another post:-)).

These headphones from SATECHI have it all. You easily connect your headphones to your cell phone via bluetooth and are working up to a 10 m distance. They are comfortable and functional, it’s easy to turn up and down the volume and change songs with the buttons on the headphone. With the integrated microphone it’s easy to receive phone calls. Besides that I think the design is outstanding!

This is the perfect christmas gift! So my christmas gift tip #1: Headphones from SATECHI. Get them from Lifestylestore. Available in four colors!

Photo Aleksjj

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