Paradise island Phu Quoc – The Shell Resort & SPA

We chose to stay at a the luxurious 5 star hotel ‘the Shell Resort & Spa‘ at Phu Quoc. This resulted in that we only left the hotel area at one point during our whole 5 nights stay at the hotel. Included in our room was a daily SPA – treatment of your choice, which we used every day of course:-) I think the pictures of the room, hotel and surroundings  speak for themselves… and I LOVE the room! Its so spacious and modern. When you enter the room you have the bathroom at one side and the shower on the other side. There is a bar area and a big closet. The TV can be put away in the big coffin in front of the bed if you want a non – TV stay. A big bathtub is placed in the middle of the room! WOW!

Just look at how big the balcony is. We have been chilling with drinks and wine every night since we arrived:-) The best part of all is the view and the pool area! All rooms have both pool view and an ocean view. That’s how the hotel is build. Perfect I would say!


Vi valde att boka ett riktigt bra hotell på Phu Quoc, The Shell Resort & Spa. Detta resulterade i att vi enbart vid ett tillfälle lämnade hotellområdet. Detta var för att besöka öns berömda vattenfall. Vi hyrde en moped och körde dit, utforskade ön lite grann, sen tillbaka till hotellet igen. Det ingick en SPA-behandling per dag i vårt hotellpris och det utnyttjade vi såklart!

IMG_8348 IMG_8357 IMG_8361 IMG_8371 IMG_8376 IMG_8403 IMG_8409 IMG_8428 IMG_8431 IMG_8448 IMG_8451 IMG_8464 The room and hotel by night:-)

Rummet och hotellet på kvällen:-)

IMG_8478 IMG_8485 IMG_8508 IMG_8518 IMG_8541 IMG_8570 IMG_8627 IMG_8634 IMG_8649 IMG_8709 IMG_8719 IMG_8782 IMG_8820 IMG_8851 IMG_8855 IMG_8863 IMG_8871 IMG_8910 IMG_8929 IMG_8941_2 IMG_9007_2 IMG_9026 IMG_9039 IMG_9047 IMG_9057 IMG_9089 IMG_9104 IMG_9108 IMG_9134 IMG_9143

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