The perfect dresses for pregnant women with style

This post is written together with my dear friend Thessan.
Photo by Aleksjj

Last time when I was pregnant with Nicolas I was the only one of my friends being pregnant. I was also the first among my friends in Malmö having a baby. This time it’s different! I have the luxury of being pregnant at the same time as one of my best friends. We actually wished for this and here we are with only two months apart from our due dates looking forward to spend time together when on maternity leave.

A common challenge that we experience, as our bellies are growing, is to find nice garments to wear. First of all, the range of clothes for pregnant women is very thin and many times it feels like the brands behind these cloths haven’t put a lot of effort in making the cloths stylish.

This is why we would like to take the opportunity to give some tips on Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfits when pregnant. The best thing about these outfits is that you can wear it when not pregnant as well, as we have focused on dresses that are stretchable.

The dress I’m wearing is in dark red and is from Zara. The size I’m wearing is small, thus I will be able to wear it even when not pregnant as well. The length is prefect and most probably I’ll wear this dress for the Christmas celebrations. As the dress is in stretch my belly will fit even when getting bigger (bigger than I am already!!).

The same goes for Thessan’s dress. A beautiful lace dress from Rosemunde in stretch which is perfect for New Year’s Eve. Many of their tops and dresses are stretchable, thus perfect for the pregnant as well as for non- pregnant women.

You can wear these dresses with both heels and flats, they will come out stylish either way. The bigger you get the harder to wear heels of course.

Both of us are wearing oversized coats as it is really hard to find coats and winter jackets for a good value of money. As we are only to wear these coats for a limited time we are not too keen to spend a fortune on them.


We are wearing:

Coat, Stenströms
Dress, Rosemunde
Heels, ATP Atelier
Bag, Louis Vuitton
Watch, Daniel Wellington

Coat, Filippa K (similar)
Ring, similar
Hat, Reiss
Bag, Celine
Dress, Zara
Boots, Zara
Watch, Kronaby
Earrings, Pilgrim



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