Serbia: restaurants and cafés

You can find very modern cafe´s and restaurants in Nis. We went to one cafe called Pleasure, which was really nice.

In another cafe we went to they had play ground just next to it. It’s a bigger focus on children in Serbia compared to Sweden. Everywhere you go you have the kids in mind. For example if you are grocery shopping you will automatically skip the whole line because of your baby. People will tell you to go ahead (and will almost get angry if you don’t). The same thing when at the airport. We were waiting to pass customs when security came to get us in order to skip the queue. So travel with your babies:-)

Grilled meet is a specialty in Serbia. You can get it in almost any place you go. And you get a lot! We went to this “Truckers place” in a small village one day. Check out the size of the sausage!

Serbia is a place to go if you want to eat and drink and not spend a fortune! Don’t be on a diet when traveling:-)


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