Our Project: By TL Sweden

Most of us have at some point in our lives been dreaming about starting our own company, not least my blog colleuge Thessan and I. I can’t recall how many business ideas we have shared with each other, big ones as well as small ones, and one day we hopefully make this dream come true by realizing one of them.

As a matter of fact we have this one idea that we, hopefully in a not too distant future, will move on with. As we have been developing our project it has been clear to us that it’s important to consider the image and what we want our project to be associated with by potential consumers already in this early stage of the project. With that in mind we started to reflect over what ’words of value’ that are important to us and our idea. The words we came up with are now the foundation of the production our own logotype.

After browsing the internet and conducting some research we found the company Logokompaniet who are specialist in producing logotypes. As we got a good gut feeling about the company we placed an order for our own logotype.

We were really positively surprised by how fast we recived the first drafts made out of our stated requirements. Even though all communication was by email the result was in our liking and we are looking forward to develop our project in the same spirit.

For all of you who have thoughts of starting your own business / a project or already have a business, but want to develop/improve your logotype, we can warmly recommend Logokompaniet as they are very serviceminded, responsive and fast. They listened and shaped our requirements into a logotype that we believe send across the image we had in mind.

Another thing that we really liked is the fact that they offer a fixed price which includes 10 drafts of different logotypes which you can alter unlimited times in order to ensure that you are 100 % satisfied.

This is only the beginning of our project and hopefully we can reveal more shortly!



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