Where to stay when in Como?

Where to stay when in Como: Como is just as fantastic and cozy as seen on pictures. Narrow streets surrounded by charming old buildings and the lake makes itself palpable with the boats bobbing on the glittering, calm water.

For us it was important to find a hotel situated in the centre of Como, in order to be at a walking distance to the restaurants and shops. After completing some research we found Hotel Metropole Suisse, which has the absolute best location. Only 5 minutes walk from the train station. We went from Malpensa airport by train, so it was perfect for us. The ferry station was just across the street and all the restaurants and shops were just around the corner.

The view from our hotel room was perfect. We could see the lake from the window.

Besides from having the best location, the hotel is characterized by a genuine Italien atmosphere. The hotel is family owned, run by the fourth generation as we speak.

One of the evenings we decided to eat at the restaurant at the hotel ‘Ristorante Imarcadero‘. As we weren’t just visiting Como for pleasure, it was incredibly nice to take the elevator to the restaurant and sit down for a relaxing dinner, after a long day filled with meetings. The waiters were very service minded, with big Italien smiles:-)

If you are looking for where to stay when in Como and value to stay in the heart of the city, this is the place to go to.


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