3 Work Wordrobe essantials every woman needs

The other week when I was in Stockholm I met up with Anna-Karin (Inclassicfashion) and Ninni (Aboutthatlook), two influencers, just like myself, to have lunch.

This was the first time to meet them IRL, but we’ve known each other for some time now through social media. Things we have in common, besides ’running fashion sites’ in our spare time is that we are all all working in a professional envirionment and we are all in our 30th.

Anna Karin who runs IN CLASSIC FASHION is a Marketing Manager for an IT enterprise and Ninni who runs About That Look works as a CBT therapist and stylist.

As we are all working women we dress for the office five days a week. In this post I’ll highlight three business essentials that all women should have in their work wardrobe.

  1. The Maxi Coat

There is nothing more elegant than wearing a coat when heading for work. It’s chic and professional at the same time and can be matched with either trousers or a skirt/dress. There are several styles of the coat and I have a special love for the maxi coat. I like it both with a straighter silhouette (as the one Ninni is wearing) as well as in a more tapered fit.

  1. The Blazer

I wear blazers almost every time I want to give a professional impression. I’ve recently invested in quality blazers, with matching trousers (made-to-measure) and would recommend every woman to consider getting at least one in good quality. If you get one that fits you nicely with quality fabrics in a basic color you can wear it for many years ahead. A navy blue will go with almost anything. In this post I’m wearing a double breasted blazer in flannel. This type of style can easily be worn as separates. The double breasted blazer is very trendy and is really cool when wearing it in full suit as well.

Read my previous post on how to make a MTM-suit here.
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  1. The Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is definitely a classic key item. It is professional and feminine at the same time. The most common color is black, but I would say that a navy blue skirt is a better choice of color if you are to own just one. For a power look I would without doubt go for a red one just like the one Anna-Karin is wearing. If you’re more into the softer look, go for a sand color. I would avoid too daring colors if the dress code is strict at your workplace. In Sweden though the dress code usually is not as strict as abroad.

I really like the fact that the three of us can combine being working ladies in a business environment and at the same time run fashion sites and inspire through our social media channels – all at the age 30 plus. The only challenge is to find time for it!

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