The briefcase is back in fashion & is in 2017 a power symbol.

Bags speak. And the briefcase today makes a statement: It expresses power, education, and opportunity.

In 2017 there are plenty of briefcases on the shelves which combine traditional functionality with modern, masculine elegance. For us women, the balance between professional, functional, and not too frumpy or too sexy makes it a challenge to find a one.

If you’re looking for something to wear to work that will hold your paperwork, pens, and laptop, without having to sacrifice your style, then a men’s briefcase is exactly what you need.

Whoever said women can’t rock these ‘man bags’, couldn’t be more wrong. Mixing feminine with masculine pieces has always been posh and as of lately it is turning into quite a style!

Business has always necessitated a bag. Before the 17th-century clothing often didn’t have interior pockets, so bags were an absolute must long before they were a luxury. Today’s briefcase is slim, it fits your personality and it’s for both men and women!

The Leather Briefcase is still the most sought after and luxurious material as it’s combining durability with timeless style. Black leather may carry authority, but the brown leather is 2017’s front runner. Except for being practical, durable and stylish – it goes with just about anything.

Get this one:
The one I’m wearing is in oxblood leather from Sandlund & Hossain and has everything a professional woman might need in a briefcase. It’s simple and stylish without being too eye-catching. For me, working in the Finance & banking industry, its perfect. Check it out here.

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