Feature: Influential style bloggers Aleks JJ & Linda Nordén

Some time ago Aleks and I got interviewed, in the capacity of influencers, for a feature by R.Culturi. The feature is now published.

Intro: “In the world of influential style bloggers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a power couple like Aleks and Linda – two individuals inspiring on matters of dress. Each is influential in their own right, with a preference for a style that is Swedish minimalist – but with their own unique and personalized take.

Both Linda and Aleks manage their own namesake blogs, while maintaining very active and busy lifestyles. They are both talented, creative individuals who inspire and motivate each other everyday. Both offer each other a shoulder to lean on, through their personal and professional lives, and even more so when it comes to their shared passion – blogging on fashion and lifestyle and how it fits in with a busy life.

Through their journey together, they’ve always supported one another in their passion. Photographing one another, editing each others writing, and being a sounding board to one another’s ideas. It also helps that both have fulfilling careers – Aleks in management consulting and Linda in finance. There’s a saying that you should never bring your work home, but these two have managed to find a shared passion that fulfills that promise.”

Want to read the full interview? Check it out on R.Culturi’s site here.


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