Interior design – DIY ‘Drawings for the wall’

DIY – ‘Do it yourself’
I just love the idea that your home is filled with personality and tells you something about the people living there. For this reason I don’t want to fill our house only with stuff that is made by someone else. A good example of where you can add personality  easily to your home is by making your own paintings and/or drawings.

For me the ideal is a good mixture of both bought artwork with drawings, paintings and photographies taken by us and/or photos of us. Anyhow, this idea led me arrange a date night with Aleks where we were to make a drawing of each other to put on our wall:-) Aleks was not aware of my plan. He only new we were to have an ‘secret activity’ during the night.

We started off by making sketches and then we picked one each that we liked the most. We were using charcoal for our drawings.

When done with our drawings we used fixating spray.

I must say it turned out to be a really fun evening and I can recommend it for all romantics out there. You get to show your creative side, study your partner and  hopefully you get ‘arty’ drawing for your walls:-)

These are the first ones we’ve drawn, with some practice I hope we’ll get better, even though I was surprised by Aleks skills!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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