How to make a budget sideboard look expensive

We have been looking for the perfect sideboard for a while now, but have been struggling finding the perfect one. Most of the sideboards that we like are to small for the intended place or didn’t fill the functions that we were looking for. First of all we wanted the sideboard to be spacious enough to fit 3-4 different dinnerware sets, we wanted it to have a certain dimension and we didn’t want to spend a fortune on it since Nicolas might decide to paint it 🙂

We decided to get a budget sideboard and pimp it for a more modern look.The cabinets we got from jysk. It’s three separate cabinets that we put together to one longer sideboard. We changed the buds for nice ones in brass (get them from here) and then we ordered special made a marble disc in white polished carrara from a local store. We ordered the marble disc 5 mm wider on each end (except the one facing the wall) and 20 mm thick.

Interior design sideboard Interior design sideboard Interior design sideboard



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  1. Superfint! Och så himla bra ide med att beställa till skiva. Gör en enorm skillnad!

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