Suit separates

We’ve seen an explosion in recent years with a TON of options for suiting separates.  Jacket, skirt, and pants;  jackets with different cuts, buttons, and collars, ankle pants as well as trousers. High waist low waist.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is better to buy a full suit and then in order to get different styles, use the blazer and trousers as separates. The upside is that you’ll always have a full suit for business formal occasions (thus when it’s  important that the suit is the same color and material) and for business casual occasions mix and match the blazer and trousers as separates.

The trousers in this outfit post is ‘made-to-measure (MTM). As I took the measurements before I was pregnant I realize it doesn’t fit perfectly anymore and its time for an adjustment. If you want to learn more about the process of making a MTM suit check out this post on MTM for women’

I’m wearing:

Photos by: Martina Hansson. All pictures are taken at Kronovalls Slott.

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