TV room inspiration

Decoration the TV room: When I decorate I usually go room by room. If you try to decorate all rooms at the same time there are usually to many decisions to make which is tiring, believe me I’ve tried it before!

Earlier this summer we received our new couch and table for our TV room (which is also Nicos play room). The colors I choose for this room is a mixture of black, grey and oak. I decided to go with a Scandinavian touch in this room.

When it comes to art and paintings on the wall I prefer it to be either a painting made by Aleks or myself, a photography taken by us or pictures or paintings of us. The reason for that is that it’s more personal that just buying something from a shop that has no connection to us. So I started putting together a wall with pictures, result in the pictures.

Anyhow, there is still some work in this room.

Check out a similar style below. Carpet, table, sofa, chair, paintings. -affiliate links




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