Phi Quoc – Day trip to the waterfall!

Phu Quoc is mailnly an island for relaxation and not so much for attractions, but there is a few. One day we decided to rent a a moto and go around the island and visit the famous waterfall. The waterfall itself wasn’t anything special, it was barely a waterfall to be honest with you, but I do recommend you to rent a bike and just drive around. It was just amazing to see the surroundings by motorbike. IMG_9212 IMG_9229 IMG_9238 IMG_9242 IMG_9261_2 IMG_9295_2 IMG_9321_2 IMG_9354 IMG_9365_2 IMG_9373 IMG_9403 IMG_9411 IMG_9221IMG_9413 insta filter 2 insta filter

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