From work to weekend part 2

From work to weekend: As I wrote in my previous post many of us have the items in our closet divided into two main categories – work and weekend. Some of the items must stay out of the work closet (flip flops, revealing tops or dresses, shorts), but there are many items that are more versatile than you think. Rather than shopping for casual weekend stuff, and a separate ‘work’ wardrobe, think about going for things that work double-time.

Below you’ll find a few tips to maximize your current wardrobe and help you shop for items that will add to it.

Keep it simple. Stick to simple, clean, tailored pieces with a modern edge. They create the best foundation for an amazing wardrobe. You can mix up your look in other ways. If your office allows you to wear jeans, opt for a sleek pair of dark jeans over the faded, distressed variety. These will look professional and polished at the office but can easily be dressed down for casual weekend outings.

Mix and match. Think about pairing items with something more casual or dressy to transform your entire look. For example, a flowing blouse that you typically wear with dress pants look awesome with a pair of thorn jeans for the weekend.

I’m wearing:

Stock up on accessories! Minimalistic jewelry are perfect for the office, but keep a pair of big statement earrings in your handbag and you can head for the party or dinner.

Getting the most out every item in your closet is really all about creativity. The more you can think outside the box and play around with different looks, the larger your wardrobe will seem.

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