A feminin briefcase

Feminine and professional, yet-functional, briefcases for women are so hard to find. For me its important that it’s both well designed (with high quality) and functional, thus I won’t get a bag/briefcase that don’t have straps. A briefcase without straps means you have to carry them and it’s too often you need both hands to grab something. Functional to me also means that it have to fit the stuff I usually carry with me for a meeting; this differs from one person to another, but most important is that the laptop fits. Another nice-to-have feature is a bag that can stand on its own. It is nice to be able to set down your bag without worrying about it falling over.

You have to have a bag that you feel comfortable carrying as for a woman what you end up wearing and carrying is reflecting on your professionalism. If the bag is too dowdy and frumpy, you look out of touch with the modern world. If it’s too sexy or feminine, it may suggest that you’re dressing for your social life rather than your working life. This balance between professional, functional, and not too frumpy or too sexy makes it a challenge to find a briefcase or bag.

I like to wear different types of styles when it comes to bags. Check out my previous blogpost on the The briefcase is back in fashion for another style. Anyhow, when I was in Como I found the perfect little briefcase that is both feminine and fits my work laptop (dimension (cm): 31(W)x26(H)x11(D) cm) and I had to get it right away. For details scroll down.

Im wearing:

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