Workout for mom’s – do it at home!

It’s really challenging to find time to do all the things you want to accomplish when on maternity leave (!). When I was pregnant I compiled a long list of all the things i wanted to do, but what i didn’t think of was the attention the little one needs from me at all times. I actually got more done when I was working full time, blogging part time, attending events, going to the gym, traveling, having dinner with friends etc, then now staying home with Nico. I guess this depend on how active your baby is. Nico is super active and is already, at the age of 6 months, learning how to walk by himself with a ‘learn how to walk car’.

träning för mammor, mammaträning, träna efter graviditet-2

Still its important to get back into shape. During fall I went to a gym for mom’s in order to learn the technique and start easy. Check out my previous posts on how I got started after my pregnancy here. Anyhow, now I’m following Olga Rönnbergs workout program at home, which contains exercises that you easily can do at home. It takes about 30 -60 minutes (depending on your baby). My best advise is to involve your baby in the workout if he or she wants to be entertained, so the workout gets done:-)


Photo cred: Aleksjj.

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